Our approach

We do what we love and what we do best: we add value to talent management.

We ensure results on account of a dedicated, diverse and multidisciplinary team, combining a good understanding of the industrial and natural resources sectors, and its players, as well as our client’s organizational cultures, with knowledge of best practices, and expertise in talent management.

We are thorough and systematic at progressing our processes and concerned with promptly producing positive results. We are convinced that one of the aspects that favors efficiency and swiftness in processes is to maintain a clear and constant communication with our client’s counterpart, in order to continuously integrate their feedback.


Our methodology can be adjusted to fulfil the specific needs of each client.

Profile Inquiry

Clear understanding of the complexities and singularities of a role, as well as of the company’s expectations and its cultural surroundings.


Exploration and Identification

An auspicious scope of talent by being thorough in exploring and, consequently, identifying potential candidates. We contact possible candidates to screen for preliminary suitability to the role as well as their initial interest.


Preliminary selection

We analyse and discuss gathered information in order to discern potencial candidates that will progress into following stages.


Integration of assessments

We deepen our appraisal of candidates in terms of their technical and professional competencies as well as their personal attributes by integrating elements from interviews, questionnaires, and references check.


Client interviews

We present and suggest a short list of candidates to advance into interviews with our client, to subsequently clarify conversations with each presented candidate.



We contribute with first-hand information on market terms and conditions, as well as probing preliminary terms with selected candidate.


Completion and Follow-up

Once the selected candidate has signed the letter of offer, we conclude the process by confirming its completion to other finalists. Subsequently, we carry out post hiring follow-ups during the first 6 months of incorporation to the organization.